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MC's random adventures in life

world's worst mom
/clangs pots, /flings gibles, /horrendously late to everything, /proton cannon, /shiits the confidence ray, /splits world in half, /ultima, art, ash ketchum, astro boy, atom bombs, bazooka of overkill, because shut up, birdies, blackjack, capslock capslock, chomping gibles, cloud strife, comics, crayibs, crossdressing guys, dazzling bartz klauser, detective conan, do not digest darke, do not sacrifice taku, exploding wailords, explosions, fartfetch'd!, ffffffffff g hiv, final fantasy, gayr, harry potter, i has a knife, i saw taku typing, incestiswincestshipping, j-pop, kingdom hearts, kupo-ing moogles, legend of zelda, manga, mc has typiosds, moes before hos, mukubirds~, music, mythbusters, nodame cantabile, not the chat monster, oh hai yoh, oh you gaiz, opm, pirates, pkmn trainer red, pokemon, poopular, prince of tennis, psychopathic jigglypuffs, pudchat gives you aids, random shippings, red ranger, red red red, reno, rival jun/barry/pearl, roleplaying, shirtless guys, spoony bards, square enix, staravias, sucks to be shizu, summon night twin age, super sentais, tenipuri, twewy, video games, vyck/nuke otp, why chat monster?!, yu-gi-oh, zack fair