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[Art Requests]

Status: OPEN!

You've seen my works, yes? Do you plan to request me for a drawing/sketch/etc? All your requests/commissions/trades go here. Although yes, there are some things you need to know before asking me what to do.

[+] Things I WON'T draw, for the sake of not letting my parents seeing me draw these (my parents know where I upload my art actually, and they copy these files from my folder too. :|a ) :
- Porn
- Anything that's sexually explicit
- Anything Yaoi/Yuri related. (S-sorry guys, I'm sure you want these, but I can't at this kind of time.)

...the rest are okay. :|b

These drawings may be posted at either here in my journal (usually f-locked), at my doodle blog, or in my deviantART.

All requests will be screened. My replies will be via LJ's PM system. That, or I'll IM you (for those who I know their SN in AIM/MSN/whatever)

Want to request me now? Fill up this form below!
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